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Fill the form below to request Auto Upload of Your Ios App to Apple Store


  • Apple Developer Account (Signup If You Don’t Already Have One)
  • Go Through The iOS App Submission Checklist To Avoid App Rejection

Then Fill The Form Below To Have Your App Auto Uploaded To The Apple iTunes Connect.
Your Request Will Be Reviewed & The Upload Process To Your iTunes Connect Within 12 - 72 Hours.
If Successful, You Will Receive A Notification Email From Us.

We are the first app company in the world to allow you upload your apps directly to your itunes connect using our uploader proprietary technology. You don’t need a macbook, xcode, certificate signing, provisioning, etc… All you need is an apple developer account and our uploader will do the rest.
N/B: You Entitled to 3 free iOS auto uploads per month.

If you want to do it yourself manually, you can click HERE to read the step by step documentation. But if you want to use the automated process. Fill this form to proceed.


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